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Three fitness enthusiasts from different professional backgrounds founded VRTX Sports. As users of traditional fitness bands themselves, they found three critical flaws they wanted to fix.
After reacting with oxygen and sweat, traditional rubber bands generate a layer of white residue on the surface, which leads to allergic reactions.
They pinch and rub your skin and skin hair while stretching.
They are prone to generating tiny tears after use, creating the risk of snapping over time.
After researching and testing different material combinations, the team launched VRTX MESH bands so every fitness enthusiast can enjoy resistance bands training with comfort and confidence. The VRTX team is not only health and body-conscious, but they also care deeply about the environment, which is why each resistance band is manufactured with 44%-68% less rubber compared to other training bands.
As a brand, VRTX aims to provide every fitness enthusiast with quality, comfortable, and durable training equipment while looking after our planet.
Team VRTX value our customers and strive for the best services in the market.
Please email or reach out to us via social media platforms. 
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