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Step up your training techniques with compact, high quality, and snap-resistant exercise bands. VRTX Mesh bands are unlike the traditional rubber bands, our proprietary Intelli-Weave Technology that allows the users to train without the fear of bands tearing or snapping. This unique interwoven structure combines polyester fabric fiber with latex rubber fiber that ensures extreme durability and resistance to physical damages. Stretch and pull up to the suggested strength weights with ease and confidence.

Weight: 10 lb

  • 10 lb
  • 20 lb
  • 25 lb
  • 35 lb
  • 45 lb
  • 50 lb
  • 60 lb
  • 70 lb

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Product Overview

Each kettlebell has a matte black finish that has just the right amount of texture so you won’t slip while lifting. They also have color-coded handles to make it easier for you (or anyone else) to see which weight you’re using at a glance.

Kettlebells are available in sizes from 10 LB up to 70 LB to accommodate your needs and experience level. Overall size of each kettlebell will vary based on the weight with dimensions from 22mm up to 40mm for larger pieces.


  • Individual weights 10 LB to 70 LB
  • Matte black, textured finish
  • Single-cast gravity casting
  • Perfectly flat base
  • Colored handles for easy weight identification

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Each VRTX SPORTS product includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Details are as follows:

  • If a product snaps or breaks within the first 90 days of the purchase, a replacement will be provided at no cost. This only applies after we assess your returned product as a ‘broken product,’ Terms and conditions may apply. We do not provide a shipping fee for returning the product. 
***Free replacements do not apply if the bands were used for commercial purposes or bands that have been abused, misused or wrapped around a stationary object after 30 days of purchase.


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